Upcoming Churchill events

We look forward to seeing you at Churchill School for one (all) of these amazing shows!


Doors at 6:00pm

Show at 6:30pm

May 24th

Daniel Adam Maltz

 Maltz is a fortepianist based in Vienna, Austria.

Maltz specializes in the Viennese fortepianos and performance practices used during the era of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven.

It’s a rare experience: a concert as Mozart and Beethoven intended their music to be heard — on an 18th-century Viennese fortepiano, an early piano vastly different from modern pianos.

Maltz has 60+ engagements/year and studied Historical Performance at London’s Royal Academy of Music and Vienna’s Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst. For more, please visit https://www.danieladammaltz.com

Tickets $18 advanced

$25 at the doors

Doors at 6:00pm

Show at 6:30pm

May 30th

Pops & pies

Pops and Pies is a fundraising choir concert with all proceeds being used for student travel to choir competitions and festivals.

Soft drinks or coffee is included in the admission price. Dessert items will be for sale as well as auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Other beverages will be available for purchase as well.

Tickets $15 all ages



Doors at 6:00pm

Show at 6:30pm


June 14th

Michael Palascak

w/musical guest Andy Zikmund

Michael Palascak is a comedian who grew up in Indiana and now lives in LA. He performed on both The Late Late Show with James Corden and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the same year. He has over 1 million views on YouTube. In addition, his resume includes A Little Late with Lilly Singh, The Tonight Show, Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Conan, has a Comedy Central Half Hour special, and was a Top 5 Finalist on Last Comic Standing. Michael released both a new album— The Internet Live through 800 Pound Gorilla and a new stand-up special on the Dry Bar app— 1984. Available for free streaming. Drew Hunt of The Chicago Reader wrote about Michael, “In a lot of ways, he represents the ideal antidote to the sort of unbridled cynicism that pervades much of contemporary stand-up.” Michael’s optimism contin-ues in the new National Lampoon series — The Bright Side where he takes a positive stance on a negative topic streaming on YouTube.

Tickets $22 advanced $30 at the doors


Doors at 6:00pm

Show at 6:30pm


June 19th

Joh Chase

w/ Brittany Ann Tranbuagh

Career trajectories are rarely linear or make logical sense. Life is always unpredictable so all you can do is put in good work and keep at it. Joh Chase is a testament to this. Over the past two decades, the Seattle-raised, Los Angeles-based artist has persistently honed their songwriting and toured, opening for acts like Noah Gunderson and David Bazan. This dedication comes out entirely in their songs, which are so timeless, confident, and inviting they can only come from someone who’s devoted their whole life to their craft. Chase’s new album SOLO feels like a turning point for them: it’s the culmination of a lifetime of writing, losing, loving, and doing it all yourself. Out April 26 via Kill Rock Stars, the LP adventurously toes the line between genres and sensibilities but it’s all filtered through Chase’s charming and fully-formed vision.

$15 advanced tickets and $22 at the door

Doors at 6:00pm

Show at 6:45pm

June 29th

Blitzen trapper

w/ special guest Anna Tivel

Singer-songwriters have been tackling existential questions about life and death since time immemorial… or at least the 1960s. But when it came to Blitzen Trapper’s newest album, Holy Smokes Future Jokes, front man Eric Earley looked beyond mere existence—or even the end of it—to contend with grander cosmic explorations: namely, the intermediate period between a person’s separate lives on earth, “and what it means to escape the cycle of birth and rebirth,” he explains.

Weighty stuff, to say the least. But then again, Blitzen Trapper has never been the type of band to just skim the surface. Over the course of 20 years and ten full-length albums, the Portland, Oregon-hailing act, with singer, songwriter and guitarist Earley firmly at the helm, has crafted a singular catalog of songs—sometimes wrapped in impressionistic imagery and scruffy, singalong melodies (the fan favorite “Furr,” for just one example), and other times rendered in sharp-focus, needlepoint detail and imbued with driving, electrified rhythms (“Cadillac Road,” about a depressed and deserted mill town in the Oregon mountains where Earley’s father once worked, comes to mind here)— that celebrate the human experience in all its triumph and tragedy.

Oregon based songwriter Anna Tivel’s newest album ‘Outsiders’ starts with a lens so wide we’ve left theplanet to look back from a great distance at the turmoil and beauty of our shared humanity. From there thelens pulls close and unfolds in a gripping collection of stories so often ignored. Tivel’s flawed and honest characters move through a landscape of hurt and loss, of small triumph and big love. In eleven songs fullof recognition, veracity, and hope, Tivel’s watchful and empathetic eye details the undeniable ache of living.“Outsiders, look up//the night isdark but brilliant and it turns out we are not so different”Recorded almost entirely live to tape in Rock Island, IL with producer and multi-instrumentalist Shane Leonard and engineer Brian Joseph (Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens), the album is a truly collaborative exploration. Tivel gathered the same vibrant group of friends from her acclaimed record, ‘The Question,’which NPR heralded as “one of the most ambitious folk records of 2019′

Tickets $22 advanced

$30 at the doors

Doors at 6:00pm

Show at 6:30pm

july 12th

warren dunes

Warren Dunes plays PNW Tropicalia and is led by keyboardist/vocalist Julia Massey. Their unique style of Beach Rock is born from the cold waters and grey sky beaches of the Salish Sea, and is highlighted by Massey’s double keyboards and crystalline voice soaring over chiming guitars and thundering drums from husband Jared Cortese and his brother Dominic Cortese. A long-time favorite in Seattle, Massey’s newest project has gained broader attention with appearances at festivals around the PNW including Treefort Music Fest, and notable performances at Seattle’s Zoo Tunes and the historic Neptune Theater. Their debut LP “Get Well Soon” was voted KEXP’s #20 album of 2021.

In 2024 Warren Dunes will be releasing their second LP “Aquamarine” on May 11, and will be touring in support of the new songs.

Tickets $15 advanced $20 at Door