The Churchill Haunted Studios

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings starting Friday Oct. 13th 2023

Medical Warning. Individuals with Light and Sound Sensitivity, Lung, Heart, Allergies or Other Serious Health Conditions Should Proceed with Extreme Caution. Anyone feeling sick or exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms Should Stay Home. All "Studios" are ventilated and air purifiers are being used throughout the spaces.


Anyone feeling sick or exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms Stay Home!!!


Notice of Rules

No Touching Actors

No Touching Props or Sets

No Profanity or Obscene Gestures

No Running or Pushing

No Smoking/Vaping, Matches or Lighters Permitted

No Flashlights or Other Illuminating Devices Permitted

No Flash Photography

No Entry with Food or Beverage

No Weapons of Any Kind

All Guests are Subject to a Security Screening

We Reserve the Right to Stop the Tour at Anytime