Churchill's Dancehall and some classrooms are available to rent for private parties, concerts, performances, weddings, business meetings and other events. For pricing, to book your band or availability questions send us an email at

Previous Concerts include



Haley Heynderickx

Bad Bad Hats

The Ophelias

Laney Jones and the Spirits

Danny Barnes

Tom Brosseau

Bart Budwig

Jon Langford

Calvin Johnson

Dead Lee


Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles

The Horsenecks

Carlo Aonzo Trio

Rob Scheps



Churchill Dancehall Tech Specs FOH Digital Mixing Console: - Behringer X32 Producer mixing board 3 way stereo FOH Speaker system: - 4 x Turbosound TCX10 two way 10" mains - 4 x Turbosound TMS-Low 18" subwoofers - Crown X2000 power amp - Behringer KM1700 power amp Monitors (using FOH console): - Turbosound Flashline TFX122M-AN two way active speakers (2) - Turbosound Milan M12 two way active speakers (2) - Mackie Thump A10 two way active speakers (2) Microphones: - Sennheiser 835 cardiod vocal mics - Sennheiser e609 guitar cab mics - Sennheiser e602-II bass cab or kik drum mic - Miktek PM11 kik drum mic - Miktek PM10 instrument mics - EV N/D767a supercardiod vocal/instrument mics - Shure SM57 instrument mics - Assorted small diaphragm condenser mics Direct Injection boxes: - Klark Teknik DI22p passive stereo DI - Assorted passive DI boxes Lighting (basic analog fader control in 3 groups): - LED flat RGB PAR lights (4) - LED RGBWA Cameo PAR (2) - LED RGBW Cameo Qspot (3) Instrumentation: -Yamaha baby grand piano -Various backline available through Marilyns Music Plus and High Dessert Studios